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Say you want to get likes on your Facebook page. Cool. Getting a like on your Facebook page is what we call a web activity, and Knitle simply makes getting others to participate in any web activity super easy.

We provide you with simple tools like QR codes, short links, gotags, and more to make that happen for you.

In this case, all you need to do is:

  1. Create a knitle for a "Like on Facebook",
  2. Download the knitle's QR code,
  3. Print and paste the QR code anywhere you hope to reach your target audience (that is, those people that you would want to have them like your Facebook page),
  4. And/or just share it directly on social networks instead.
  5. That's it. You're done.

A participant simply pulls out his phone, scans the code, and a like on your Facebook page is delivered. That simple + easy.

It's like having a live and tangible Facebook Like Button. Really cool.

What's more? You can also create knitles for other common web activities like getting a "Follow on Twitter" for a profile, a "Tweet on Twitter" for a cause or topic, a "View on Youtube" for a video, and more. All with the same ease.

With each knitle created, you get really beautiful QR code designs, specifically colored to reflect the web activity each represents.


Out there, that is what you get: Clunky.


In here, this is what you get: Really Cool.

For example, a knitle for a "Like on Facebook" has a blue color by default. As you may have guessed, this is because Facebook uses blue as its color. Likewise, a "View on Youtube" knitle would have a red color because red is Youtube's dominant color.

We strongly believe that better-looking designs tend to make people feel "safe" about using a product. So we incorporated that line-of-thought in our designs.

If you're still in doubt, please, see for yourself.


Creating Your Own Knitle

1. Sign up.

2. Create a knitle.

Once your sign up/sign in process is complete, you get taken to a step-by-step page to create a knitle.

The wizard acts like your target audience, asking questions they would have asked in order to guide you through the process of creating the right knitle. We provide suggestions, kindly use them when available. If you cannot find the web activity you need, write us at support (at) knitle (dot) com to see how we can help.

3. You're done.

If successful, you get redirected to your newly-created knitle's page. If something went wrong, appropriate errors are shown and you can make corrections before trying again.


Using Your Knitle

1. Download the QR codes.

On the knitle's page, click on "Download" to download the knitle's QR codes. You must have signed in to do this.

You get a zip file. Extract its content with any zip package software you have.

2. Print and Paste.

You can print QR codes on anything. Plain sheets, mugs, key holders, office keycards, business cards, newsletters, billboards, and so on. Just anywhere or on anything that you feel the QR code would be able to reach its intended target. Pasting your QR code on the right material and in the right place can have a huge impact on its reach.

For example, if a QR code printed on your business card links to your personal Twitter profile, this can be useful as a "contact me" section. Anyone you hand your business card would be able to contact (or follow) you on Twitter just by scanning the code.

3. You're done.

Now you just wait as your knitle attracts participants to your web activity.


Scanning a QR code

1. Download a good QR code scanner app.

2. Launch the app.

On app launch, you should see your phone's camera come active like you want to take a picture.

3. Scan the code.

Hold out your phone with two hands as shown, and focus it on the QR code like you want to snap it.

Within seconds, your scanner app should scan and display a short link. Run this link in your browser.

Please note that good lighting in your environment, fairly steady hands, and capturing the entire QR code in focus would help. They lead to faster scans.

4. Participate

On the website launched by the QR code scanner app, proceed to participate in the appropriate activity.

In other words, if a Facebook page was shown in your web browser, just click on the "Like" button to like the page. That way, you would have participated in the "Like on Facebook" activity.

5. You're done.

Really, it's that simple.


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